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Nathi Mthethwa: a big cop-out? A follow-up letter from the Pedantic Player to the Minister of Safety and Security

Undeterred by Nathi’s failure to reply to her previous letter, the Pedantic Player, challenges him about who bears the responsbility for fighting crime in South Africa. Dear Nathi You didn’t reply to my previous letter. Luckily I am not the type to have a farible*, but I don’t give up easily, either. Last night my neighbour woke up […]

My home should be my castle: An open letter to Minister of Safety and Security

I was dealing with the aftermath of a burglary at home. I was so preoccupied with security consultants and police investigations that I didn’t notice that my alter ego, the Pedantic Player, had written and submitted this column. Dear Minister Mthethwa I hope you don’t mind if I address you as Nathi. I wish to […]