As a qualified lawyer with an academic background in, and flair for, languages, I provide a wide range of copy editing, writing, rewriting and plain language services. You can read the various pieces I’ve published and find out more about me on this blog.

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Unpersons I subscribe to a word-a-day email through I thought it rather fitting in light of Tuesday’s post that today’s word was unperson – noun, a person regarded as nonexistent. My piece on Tuesday 14 August was about people regarded as things, possessions without feelings. Today I am thinking about those people we don’t regard at all; […]

I’m reading Reports Before Daybreak by Brent Meersman. It’s set in the murky 80s in the South Africa of my teens. There is so much to discuss about this book and that time – the boys who were sent to the army to fight ‘the enemy’; the ‘terrorists’, treated so savagely by the apartheid army; the […]

The Big, The Small and the Disruptive

Published in Sunday Times Freight, Logistics and Warehousing Supply chain management is widely acknowledged as a key driver of economic growth. Caryn Gootkin considers some big, small and disruptive elements of the sector. The South African freight and logistics industry encompasses a myriad of businesses of all shapes and sizes. From an entrepreneur on a […]

Blood donation

Blood donation saves lives and helps patients recover from illnesses, injuries and operations. Like many other countries, South Africa has a shortage of donors and the South African National Blood Service, the body tasked with ensuring a steady and safe supply of blood for medical purposes, works hard to increase the number of blood donors. […]