As a qualified lawyer with an academic background in, and flair for, languages, I provide a wide range of copy editing, writing, rewriting and plain language services. I also write a regular column on language for The Media Online. You can read my columns and find out more about me on this blog.

My latest articles

The Big, The Small and the Disruptive

Published in Sunday Times Freight, Logistics and Warehousing Supply chain management is widely acknowledged as a key driver of economic growth. Caryn Gootkin considers some big, small and disruptive elements of the sector. The South African freight and logistics industry encompasses a myriad of businesses of all shapes and sizes. From an entrepreneur on a […]

Blood donation

Blood donation saves lives and helps patients recover from illnesses, injuries and operations. Like many other countries, South Africa has a shortage of donors and the South African National Blood Service, the body tasked with ensuring a steady and safe supply of blood for medical purposes, works hard to increase the number of blood donors. […]

Give Your Body A Boost

Ideally we should all eat food so rich in micronutrients that our immune systems are well nourished. Generally we don’t though, and we need supplements to keep healthy, writes Caryn Gootkin. With winter in full-swing, we are more vulnerable to colds and flu. To protect ourselves against infection we need to strengthen our immune systems. […]

Managing risk in uncertain times

Analyses of statistics in the logistics and freight industry reveal that businesses face great risks in an environment characterised by significant and rapid economic, social and environmental change. In such a multi-faceted industry, inefficiencies in one part of the supply chain can negatively affect the performance of the supply chain as a whole. “Companies operating […]