As a qualified lawyer with an academic background in, and flair for, languages, I provide a wide range of copy editing, writing, rewriting and plain language services. I also write a regular column on language for The Media Online. You can read my columns and find out more about me on this blog.

My latest articles

The Big Issue gift cards – the answer to all your gifting needs

#StopPress The Big Issue has just launched its gift card – in time for the giving season but available at any time of the year. Instead of spending hours trawling the malls or the internet for the perfect birthday/wedding/Xmas/housewarming/congratulations present for your boss/friend/secretary/client /mother-in-law/second cousin, simply… deposit the amount you would have spent into The Big […]

Kanan Wealth uses social media to support The Big Issue

In what is a first for Big Issue South Africa, Kanan Wealth CC (@KananWealthCC) launched a Twitter campaign promising financial support to The Big Issue based on the number of new followers it gained in the period 2–9 October. The initial offer was R2 for each new follower, but shortly after Helen Zille tweeted ‘I […]

The Big Issue Big 200 campaign

Today I went from Twitter jail (a holding cell they isolate you in when Twitter deems you’ve tweeted too much) to trending on CT Twitter. And all because of my passion for The Big Issue. I’ve written before about the challenges the organisation faces. You can read it here: And, once again, this month we find ourselves […]

Why I am leaving the DA over Verwoerd

Values, beliefs, opinions — all well and good until they gnaw at you, little by little at first, turning later into greedy gulps at your consciousness, willing you to act on them. I’m a relative newcomer to a life governed by values, beliefs and opinions — conscience, if you like – as you’ll recall from […]