How can we practise Tikkun Olam in our divided world?

Recent polarising events, both local and global, have got me thinking about the concept of ‘the other’ and how it hampers our moral imperative of Tikkun Olam – the ancient concept of healing the broken world. Seemingly unconnected events weave together in my mind because at their core they all concern an ‘us’ and a ‘them’, groups pitted against each other in a divided world.

Is the Potch Wimpy brawl really about “woman abuse”?

On Monday 7th April Ikeys beat Pukke 39-33 in the Varsity Cup in Potchefstroom. By all accounts the match ended in spectacular fashion with Ikeys scoring three tries in the last five minutes. The UCT boys had cause to celebrate; the North West University lads had cause to drown their sorrows. I’m sure that even […]

The world is too much with me

I am weary, dragged down by the waves of controversy, aggression and conflict that have engulfed my reality over the past two weeks. My Twitter TL, usually a good barometer of the state of my corner of the nation; the daily newspapers I read or glance at in the supermarket queue; our news and radio channels: all stuffed to capacity with events and issues that polarise people.

The Big Issue launches Thundafund crowdsourcing campaign

The Big Issue has launched a Thundafund campaign to finance the costs of publishing its first three issues of 2014. A non-profit organisation, the Big Issue publishes a quality general-interest magazine which is sold through a vendor force of unemployed, homeless and socially-excluded adults. The organisation’s operating budget is already behind for the year, hence the campaign. Here’s why.

Nathi Mthethwa: a big cop-out? A follow-up letter from the Pedantic Player to the Minister of Safety and Security

Undeterred by Nathi’s failure to reply to her previous letter, the Pedantic Player, challenges him about who bears the responsbility for fighting crime in South Africa. Dear Nathi You didn’t reply to my previous letter. Luckily I am not the type to have a farible*, but I don’t give up easily, either. Last night my neighbour woke up […]

My home should be my castle: An open letter to Minister of Safety and Security

I was dealing with the aftermath of a burglary at home. I was so preoccupied with security consultants and police investigations that I didn’t notice that my alter ego, the Pedantic Player, had written and submitted this column. Dear Minister Mthethwa I hope you don’t mind if I address you as Nathi. I wish to […]

#OnTheCouch with Zille, Lekota, Charles Dickens (and a motley crew of slackers)

I attended a chat session featuring Helen Zille and Terror Lekota interviewed by Lindiwe Mazibuko and got much more than I bargained for. The poster invited us to On the Couch with Helen Zille & Mosiuoa Lekota: South Africa at a Crossroads, an informal chat led by Mmusi Maimane. The DA’s national spokesperson was not there but […]

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Skollie

I was offended by the name my neighbourhood watch used to enlist volunteers for a midnight mountain patrol. Unsure whether my outrage was justified, I explored the meaning and origins of the word ‘skollie’ and examined my own reaction to this word. My local neighbourhood watch, which is both efficient and effective, called on residents […]